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How do Fireworks Get Their Color?

How do fireworks get their color

How do Fireworks Get Their Color?

Fireworks have been around since time immemorial. Our chemists have been successful in the development of combinations of such chemicals that produce breathtaking displays of colour and can also be safe in use. This is what makes us love fireworks so much and use them as a part of our occasions. As much as we all love the idea of fireworks, it’s also equally fun to contemplate how they get their color. Fireworks are clearly enough to stir our emotional selves and make us feel elated. It’s even more interesting to know what forms this myriad of patterns and colors.

  • The colors in various fireworks basically come from a simple source: pure chemistry. They emerge by the use of metal salts. Don’t confuse metal salts with mere table salts. Some of these compounds produce very intense colors when they are burned or ignited. This is what makes them ideal as an ingredient to be put in fireworks. Others, like potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal, are often used to help the fireworks burn. Nitrates, chlorates, and perchlorates provide oxygen for the combustion of the fuel. Dextrin, an ingredient that is often used as a starch, holds the mixture together. Some of these colors can also gain strength with the use of chlorine donors.
  • The metal salts which are commonly used include, carbonate (red fireworks), calcium chloride (orange fireworks), sodium nitrate (yellow fireworks), barium chloride (green fireworks), and copper chloride (blue fireworks). If you wish to produce purple fireworks, Purple fireworks are typically produced by the use of a mixture of strontium (red) and copper (blue) compounds.
  • Once a firework is ignited, a lift charge propels it into the sky. This is basically an explosive black powder in a niche. Once it is lit, it causes a fast increase of heat and gas and leads to a firework being sent as high as 1000 feet. There is something known as an ‘ariel shell’ inside each firework. It is basically a tube that contains gunpowder and a lot of small modules called “stars.” All of the chemical elements present in a firework produce a different kind of energy in different amounts. This energy is what determines the color or wavelength of the light that is emitted.

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